Contact for enquiries regards OEM Program

(Brendan) #1


Sorry for the noise, as this post isn’t suited to a Support forum but …

I tried using the Contact form on the FreePBX site however it wasn’t loading the captcha in Chrome or Firefox.

I’m interested in getting some indicative or estimate pricing for the FreePBX OEM ISO Program - changing branding, removing copyright and all that, and possibly slipping in some custom RPM into the final ISO.

Hoping that someone in these forums might be able to provide an email address to contact the Licensing or Marketing teams at SchmoozeCom that would be able to advise on my enquiries? Apologies, but a phone number is not preferential as I don’t live in North America.

Thank you!

(Tony Lewis - #2

The contact form on FreePBX directs you to

Are you saying that form does not work for you. Comes up for me just fine.

(Brendan) #3

Hi Tony,

No, the form at loads but the Captcha doesn’t, it just sits at Loading Captcha… thus the Send button does nothing. Probably a browser or plugin problem shrug I’ll try at the link you sent through.


(James Zhu) #4

i can not access google, I also faced that problem before. Capcha has been blocked maybe.

(Brendan) #5

Yeah, at work - maybe a false positive with OpenDNS or something else going on. The contact form on the Sangoma website worked fine, and a sales rep promptly got in touch and I have all the information I require. It’s not really an issue anymore.