Constant traffic to unknown IP

i noticed constant (24/7) traffic from my freepbx instance to Ip address
I could not find any information about that ip (except is does not belong to my provider) online.
I did not add any Plugins or modules to the installation.
Does anybody know what this ip belongs to? Is this part of freepbx or is it something i should worry about?

 whois -h  ' -v'
AS      | IP               | BGP Prefix          | CC | Registry | Allocated  | AS Name
9211    |    |     | DE | ripencc  | 2005-10-06 | WORK-AS [email protected] Internet Informationssysteme GmbH, DE
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That’s what i found out by googling the ip. But as far as i found out, this company has nothing to do with my provider (German Telekom). So Why should freepbx connect to that?

Well, we see a conversation going on but from your post, “You started it at line 1” :slight_smile:

tcpdump  -s 0 -AX 'tcp dst port 80 and host'

would be a little more diagnostic.

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Does not look like a http request.

now replace dst with src (or remove it) to get the responses

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also nothing human readable

I found the answer to “who is this ip”:
someone added a radio webstream as holdmusik. A dns lookup of the stream address showed That explains the unreadable http responses.

Thanks for your Help @dicko


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