Constant crashes / server locks up complety


randomly(random hour/random minute) my freepbx server completly locks up(cannot even ping it). i have this on both an old machine, that ran great on an earlier version for at least a year.

thinking i have a hardware failure, i also have a ESXI server, that i was going to migrate to, but on a brand new, latest ISO download last night, it also randomly locks up to where the console doesnt respond, nor can i ping it. (different IP address)

there is nothing telling i can see in the logs




for events before and after it dies, it should still be there after the machine crashed

By any chance are you running one of the buggy Asterisk versions?

no, it was the most recent download(2 days ago).

What version would that be?



Release Date: May 2019
FreePBX 14 • Linux 7.6 • Asterisk 13 or 16
Supports UEFI and Legacy BIOS booting

That is the description of the ISO install file.
Post the actual Asterisk installed version.

dude, go to the damn download page, and the stable version is the one i downloaded.


when it locks up, ESXi is showing 100% cpu usuage constantly, (i.e. scrolls off the chart)

I was just trying to help

Please stop firing at a contributor. This will only cause contributors to quit visiting here.

He asked you if you perhaps have a bad version of Asterisk installed?

You replied “no”

So he asked which version you have running then?

You posted the information of the FreePBX ISO download page. That does NOT tell us which version of Asterisk you installed and have running…

So he asked you again to post the Asterisk version. you fired at him. Why?

If you don’t know how to look for it, either Google or ask here…

You can find it under Reports > Asterisk Info, or run

asterisk -rx"core show version"

Current Asterisk Version: 13.22.0

because the iso download version is clearly newer then his linked post.

That doesn’t mean a thing. The ISO could have easily been packaged with those versions. You have no idea when the code for the ISO was “frozen” for testing and packaging.

This goes for anything released as an ISO, it is not specific to FreePBX.


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No answer to my request for



for events before and after it dies, it should still be there after the machine crashed

you muttered about esxi but nobody has any knowledge of the machine you installed it on, bad memory, bad disk, bad hardware are all possible culprits, as others have suggested please don’t be a dick (that REALLY is by contraction my job :wink: )

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Hi my friend. Are you on a Esxi on a Dell server by any chance?

Could you expound on your question? I’m curious as I’m running esxi on dell hardware and what to see if there is something I should know. :slight_smile:

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