Connecting to remote FreePBX behind firewall


I’m trying to connect a Yealink phone from an external location to a FreePBX on our corporate LAN. I have forwarded ports 5060 and 10000-20000 UDP to the internal IP on the firewall (access only from the external static IP) and also entered the RTP ports on the Yealink phone as min/max ports (don’t know if this is necessary, but nothing was working so I figured WTH). I have also added the external IP to the FreePBX firewall. Problem: the phone is not registering.

Heck I even tried opening ports 1-65535 and disabling the onboard firewall, but still the external phone isn’t registering. I’m using a USG Pro firewall in case you’re wondering.

What could I be overlooking?


Does sngrep show REGISTER requests coming in? If so, are there replies? If so, the Asterisk log should show what is happening.

If requests are coming in but nothing going out, FreePBX firewall is likely blocking them, or they are being sent to the wrong port.

If sngrep shows nothing, look on the WAN side of the USG.


I assume you’re using EPM, what is the external address set to in the global settings and do you have an external template for yealink set up for that phone?

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