Connecting to radio interface

Good Morning,
I’m running Asterisk 11 with Cisco 7940 ip phones in SIp. I have a device on the network that also runs sip protocol to interface some two way radio equipment for inbound / outbound calls through the PBX.

This setup works and works great for me. however, I would like to find a way to announce back to the calling phone a message that they are connection to extension XYZ or they are connecting to radio XYZ.
It would also be nice to announce something similar to the folks using two way radios as well.

Thank you

Any suggestions ?


don’t know enough about how you route calls to speculate on an answer. are you routing dids to extensions or do you have a queue or ring group?

I agree - your description of what you want to do and how you want it to happen is a little scant.

Could you describe it more like a use-case (who does what, what they hear, how your SIP interface to the radio works, etc.)?