Connecting to FreePBX 100

We just switched internet providers in our office. I am now just working on the FreePBX machine, but it wont let me connect via online or via console cable.

To start, the online port, set by the switch is in the scheme of 192.x.x.x (what it used to be) when now it is supposed to be in the scheme of 10.x.x.x.

Next, when I try to direct connect with the cable and Putty, it never works. It simply makes a sound signifying that it cannot connect. I have confirmed the COM port as well. Note, this is my first time doing a direct connect.

Do I need to factory reset the Sangoma box to get its new IP address? Also, what I am doing wrong with Putty?

Thank you!

What baudrate are you connecting on console with.

That is not correct. Look in our we have this outlined. Was also includes wig your appliance a getting started guide that talked about this. Baudrate from memory is 115200

I just tried that speed rate and it still continued to not work.

If using windows have you installed the drivers?

Drivers are installed, the com port is confirmed, and I even switched the speed: nothing new.

Update: I was able to successfully find the port to connect via online. One of our switches was blocking the port. However, still unsuccessful with Putty. Although, it does not matter at this point.