Connecting sip provider through peer to peer connection

hello i am new here,got a sip trunk from a provider . connection is peer to peer and i only see registration connection when searching,how do i add their trunk.Capture

The phrase you need to look for is “IP [based] authentication”. Unfortunately the the vast majority of the worked examples I could find for this are for chan_sip, which you should not be using on new installations.

However, this purports to be an IP based authentication setup for chan_pjsip, although I’m unable to confirm whether it is valid, as they don’t show the configuration generated by the GUI:

Note that the media address in the details you have is probably only relevant for firewalls, as SIP communicates the remote media address in the call setup exchange.

NAT settings, like the external signalling and media addresses should be no different from those for password based authentication.

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