Connecting Siemens HiPath4000/HG3550 SIP trunk to Freepbx

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has connected an HG3550 Siemens SIP trunk (from a HiPath 4000) successfully to freepbx.

I am using PIAF Green.

The only information from Siemens has been this

I have found alot of people connecting to PRI lines via Siemens, using Zaptel, but this is specifically connected to a trunk provided by the Siemens system.

Currently I have the trunk setup as a standard SIP trunk, with host = IP of HG3550 card

Right now I am just trying to make outgoing calls, but in the asterisk CLI it is reporting Forbidden.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you for your time,

I have no idea, you need to look at the Siemans manuals, see what it requires and then do the same with Asterisk. There are literally over 100 different parameters you can use.

The key is to go with as little as possible, for instance if the Siemens is on a trusted network you can turn of authentication, one lest thing you have to deal with.

Basically you need to set the address of the peer, how it will authenticate, what codecs to use and what context to send the calls to.

Please post your idea of a “standard SIP trunk” can’t comment on a config you didn’t share.


Sorry about that, by standard sip trunk I mean I pressed the button that said sip trunk in freepbx, not DAHDI, IAX etc.


I understand that, what entries did you place in the peer details?

You need to configure the trunk to match the parameters on the Siemens.

That’s an incomplete peer.

I only have two things

host=IP of Hg3550

I am getting a chan_sip.c response of Forbidden

What would be the specific parameters I would need from the siemens system to complete the connection?