Connecting Ring Central to FreePBX as a trunk

I have an on-site install of FreePBX that is primarily used for internal calls between about 40 buildings. There was a separate phone system for the few locations that needed to make/receive external calls for the overall organization. The parent organization is transitioning to RingCentral as their VoIP provider. What I’m hoping to do is create a bridge between the two systems.

In Ring Central I can create an extension (say, #123) and get a set of SIP credentials for it. I’d like to use those credentials to register a trunk in FreePBX, such that if you were to call #123 from the Ring Central system, it would connect via the trunk to FreePBX and land in the main FreePBX IVR. Likewise, on the FreePBX system, you could dial a Ring Central extension (say, #456) and use outbound routes to drive that extension over the trunk to RC. I would imagine that calls from FreePBX to RC would always appear to be coming from that one extension (#123) which is fine for my purposes.

Am I barking up the wrong tree with this? Apparently RingCentral has a “cloud connector” for connecting to legacy PBX systems but it runs to thousands of dollars a month.

Any experience using Ring Central as a trunk in FreePBX? Suggestions?


I see no technical problem with the connection. But check with Ring Central whether their limitations on concurrent incoming and/or outgoing calls to/from a single extension conflict with your requirements. Possibly, connecting to more than one extension will help.

If this system is in the US, see

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