Connecting my VoIP to my Avaya CM system

hi all,

i have set up a freePBX server and now i want to connect it up to my current avaya CM system so the two can link together for calls/transfers etc

atm the way i have linked the two servers up is via an extension number on my avaya CM system, i have made a virtual extension number which dials a remote number via a call coverage path and then it calls externally my VoIP server and from there i have set up ring groups so it dials an extension number(s)

is there anyway of doing this please?

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You can run a trunk between the two systems

so like i have created a trunk to my SIP provider, i create just another trunk to my avaya system?

Can you elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish?

Do have phones running on your Avaya system as well as on your FreePBX system and you want to keep operating both and be able to call extensions on one system from the other?

Basically yes.
Depending on your CM version and licenses available to you on your Avaya system, you can run a SIP trunk between the two systems. If you aren’t licensed for SIP, you can use H.323 or a PRI gateway.
“display system parameters customer options” is the command that tells you what you are licensed for on the Avaya.

sorry i will ellabarate

we currently use the avaya system as our main system and hard phones are in every room with extension numbers

the freepbx is just a test enviroment but i have configured a few extensions and have installed softphones on mobiles/computers with the extension numbers

i now want the two systems to communicate together internally rather than the avaya system calling out and it goes back in the voip server

do i do all the configuring setting up on the avaya CM system or on the voip server?

You have to configure a trunk on both ends.

ok the trunk this end ie the freepbx, how do i do that, what trunk setting do i choose out of the following -

Do you have SIP trunks licensed on your Avaya?
Also what is your CM version and are you using session manager?

I don’t know if I have Sip licenses on my avaya system

I’m using avaya cm site admistator v5, 2007

In Avaya Site Administration enter command display capacity

Scroll though the pages and there is one for trunks:
Copy and paste that here.
That will tell us what you are licensed for in terms of the number of DS1 packs, SIP and h.323 trunks.

Scroll to the last page and tell us the software load and memory configuration. That is the CM version, the ASA version is unimportant.

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