Connecting multiple freepbx servers

Hello, I have currently set up a system that connects 3 freepbx servers in 3 different offices together via iax2 trunks.

So, there are 3 independent phone systems, but the phone systems are able to make calls to the users of the other phone systems by dialling their extension directly.

The range of extensions are as follows:

Site A:
100,101,102, etc

Site B:
200, 201, 202, etc.

Site C:
300, 301, 302, etc.

That being the case, they are able to make the calls between the branches with no problem but there are two things, so far, that we have run into that they would like to be able to do that they cannot:

  1. When checking voicemail there is an option to send the message to another user. This option does not work. Can anyone think of a way to make something like this work? It seems like it might take a lot of custom modifications

  2. Intercom (*80EXT). What would need to be changed to get the intercom feature to work (currently my outgoing routes just look for the range of extension (1XX, 2XX, 3XX) and then route to the appropriate iax2 trunk based on that.


I’m not sure that 1 will ever work though some major asterisk changes. For number 2, try adding the dialplan to your outbound routes. I.e. For the 2xx route, add: *802xx