Connecting multiple boxes - I'm so close

I’ve managed to successfully connect two machines using the guidelines found here:

While it focuses on PBX-in-a-Flash it provides all the information you need to get two machines to talk to each other (Excellent job to the folks at Cadvision)

Using those instructions I’ve gotten two machines to talk to each other such that an extension dialed at one site rings correctly at the other.

However, the primary site has a PRI that I’d like to let the remote site dial out through. However, when the call hits the site with the PRI, it’s treated as though I’ve dialed in from the outside.

The ‘User’ section of each site’s trunk page has the context set to “from-internal”. I thought by using that context the remote side would think the call originates from the inside and treat it as and extension making a call.

Can anyone provide me with some guidance as to why the primary site sees the call as an inbound call rather than an ‘extension’ to dial out?



You need to post all of your peer configs, The digits being dialed when this does not work and some log capture on both sides (if extensive use

Both trunk definitions on each side have the following in the User Context:


This is what has me stumped… I’m dumping the call into the correct context (I think…)

Thanks SkykingOH!


You want the call to enter the from-internal context. That is the part of the dial-plan that has access to the local extensions and outbound trunks.

Calls in the from-trunk or from-pstn context enter the dial plan in the inbound routes.