Connecting Lync hardphone to Freepbx

Hi guys,

i just got my hands on two LG-Nortel 8540 IP phones but they require you to sign in to a Lync account and not a standard sip account.
Is there a way to get these working without having to install a Lync server?

never dealt with these phones. if they have firmware that is tied to lync then the answer is no. you might try looking for different firmware otherwise i would ask if you are a fisherman.

Hi bksales, thanks for your reply. I have not found any other firmware, i had hopes you could somehow “trick” the device and let it login to a fake lync account to make it work, or have the lync environment emulated for only the login purpose but i did not find anything like this on the web. But what do you mean by being a fisherman?

If you were a fisherman, you always need a new anchor.

i usually phrase it a bit different but the essence is the same - you can use the phones as a boat anchor