Connecting Legacy PBX with 2 No. Of Asterisk/ Elatix Servres

Helo Members, i am back with a new question.

I have connected two Elastix Servers with IAX and both are able to communicate with each other. Lets call them A & B. A is connected with Legacy PBX (Alcatel) via E1 and they can communicate with each other perfectly. B can call to A and PBX, but When i try to call from PBX connected phone to B, i get this message from Elastix A “The Number you are trying to reach is out of service”

Server A is configured with Three trunks 1. Dahdi 2. SIP 3. IAX
Server B is configured with SIP and IAX

Any Suggestions !

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There are at least three active threads about trunking to legacy systems.

If somehow your situation is unique and you want help I highly suggest you tell us what you have done (all of your relevant configs) and what is not working (debug traces and log files).

Thanks SkyKingOh, for giving me good advise. I have gone through the old posts and solved the issue.

The problem was solved by adding the trunk forwarding in extensions_custom.conf.

Now Legacy PBX can call and receive calls to both Elastix Servers and Elastix Servers can reach every one and SIP without any problem.

Thanks again.

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