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Connecting FXS Port to Legacy Analog Overhead Paging System - Questions

(Cameron Rodseth) #21

Thank you Greg. Do you know of such a box to “answer”?

(Necits2015) #22

Just an FYI. If you do decide to go with a paging adapter I’ve had good luck with Cyberdata. Very simple to setup especially if you are using FreePBX Endpoint Manager.

(Greg) #23

The Merlin had an audio output for paging. Just essentially a “Speaker out”.
So did the NEC 48’s and 96’s…

That being said, honestly, if you have room in the box, drop in a sound card.

This article on setting up a sound card for paging on asterisk… should start you in the right direction.

(My reasoning for this: A sound card is $15-20… a new amplifier is quite a bit more… a paging module is going to be some bucks… if there’s room in the box, try a sound card.)

(Cameron Rodseth) #24

I missed that, thanks. Time to scour Ebay, or go a different route. Thank you for your help.

Sidenote - I just registered today on this site, and cannot reply anymore. But I wanted to thank Greg and Dave, and necits2015 - a paging adapter might be the cleanest option and yes, I’m using Endpoint Manager so that would help as well. Greg, I’m going to look into the soundcard option as well.

(Greg) #25

All that being said, here are some options:
o Sound card – take output to amplifier.
o Paging Module – VOIP module that has audio output to amplifier, program as extension (This could be a nice solution especially if you wanted to also stream audio through your PA…)
o Changing Amplifier: As long as it’s a 70v system, it should work with your speakers. Make sure it’s at least 100 watts.
o Sacrifice phone – Take a phone, snag the audio off of it into the amplifier (see, I’d probably do this, but I am a bit of a techno-weenie)
o See if you have a TPI-100 (Probably not, since it was a merlin system it had just audio out)
o See if you can find a TPI-100

(Greg) #26

… and just for giggles, look on the back of your PBX and see if it has a speaker output (meaning it has a built-in sound card)


(Goetch) #27

I went through this exact same problem. My old PBX used a “Paging Port” to connect to our valcom amp. In my case the Valcom was looking for an FXO port, but I couldn’t figure how to set that up properly. I had ordered 3 extra phones, so I took one of the extra phones and connected the internal speaker to the amp. If I didn’t have the extra phone lying around I would have purchased a proper paging adapter.


If your old PBX was a Merlin Magix you were probably using a trunk port which would be an FXO port. The Merlin Legend and Magix used a trunk port and you just programmed it to be the page port so the system knew what trunk to take off hook when the page code was entered.

(Cameron Rodseth) #29

I ended up buying a Cyberdata Paging Adapter, working like a champ.

(Necits2015) #30

Support is also top notch. Had an issue with POE and had the unit replaced within a week at no charge.

(system) #31

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