Connecting FreePBX to Freeswitch

I am wondering if there is anyway that a FreePBX server can utilize the Freeswitch for its dialplan while FreePBX routes calls? There is documentation on Freeswitch wiki to do it, but the problem is that it only gets into the configuring on the FreeSwitch side. I am not sure if there is anything I have to do on the FreePBX side to make it happen. Any tips regarding the setup of Freeswitch and FreePBX together would be great.

FreePBX doesn’t have anything to do with FreeSwitch and does not generate dialplan for it. If you are looking to use FreePBX, you will want to look at Asterisk as thats what FreePBX has been built to config.

I don’t think you understand what I am looking for. I have two different systems. Any phone calls I want to make on a FreePBX system, I want to route calls from the FreePBX to Freeswitch. I guess what I am wondering is if there is any configuration (on FreePBX) I need to look at to route calls to Freeswitch or is it only possible to use Asterisk for that case?

Just build a trunk in your Asterisk box to your FreeSwitch box, and route calls appropriately. it’s as easy as that (unless both servers are on the same box :slight_smile: )

Sorry I completely misunderstood the end goal here. You need to create a trunk in FreePBX to your FreeSwitch server.

I was thinking of building the trunk, but I realized that I would need to get the Outgoing and Incoming settings from trunk provider and that deems to be an issue because the supervisor of a company I work for some reason wants me to avoid going to the trunk provider to get the sip trunking information from them. I guess I have no choice but to convince him of this. haha

You will need that to setup the trunk in FreeSwitch, but that is a question to ask elsewhere :slight_smile:

(and of course disable that trunk in your Asterisk server or “bad things” will happen.)