Connecting Dukane MCS350 Paging System

We have a Dukane MCS350 Paging System we would like to integrate. Ours does not currently have the necessary Interface Card (DUKANE A744 MCS350 INTERFACE CARD) for connecting to a phone system. We’ve found a few of those on eBay, but unfortunately we have no manual for the MCS350 to know how to install it. Would anyone be able to help with that portion?

I’ve seen @microchipmatt post some about connecting an MCS350, but his already had the card.

Hi, Microchipmatt here. Sadly, even with the correct card, because of the custom voltages these proprietary Dukane cards ran on (I measured them with a volt meter), often with an ATA interconnected, the card would only pick up once and then hang, not hang up but HANG, and then the Card would need to be rebooted…it was stupid. The ATA port on the Bogan was purer and the right standard voltage, so the ATA Box would work GREAT with those for integration, but NOT with the dukane for announcements. The result was, that the Dukanes started to die anyway, so we went Pure RTP for our intercom system, which was awesome because it was incredibly cheaper, more standard, and WAY easier to diagnose. It was either the Paging Server (ALGO 8301), the network cable or the speaker. That’s the only thing that could ever be wrong, and since the paging server was pure SIP, just page that and RTP Multicast to all of your IP speakers. I was tired of the cost and labour of the Dukane. We eliminated the Bogans now, too. You can use an ATA with a Bogan, but I don’t think you’ll ever get the solution you want trying to get the Dukane MSC350 working.

Thanks for the input. It’s probably not even worth buying the module for the MCS350 then.

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