Connecting Analog FXO lines to FreePBX

I have been reading up on different ways to connect analog lines to FreePBX and found lots of devices on the net, mostly ones that say they do this but when looking at documentation I find it is an FXS device.
I found some that have 1-FXS and 1-FXO port but in my case I have two analog lines I want to connect to my FreePBX setup.
I have seen all the recommended devices and majority have only 1-FXO only, My setup is for personal use and only for purpose of testing, not for commercial use so I am trying to keep my costs down.

I have found this device for a reasonable price and was wondering if anyone had any advise as to it’s ability to easily configure with FreePBX, I really don’t plan on using the FXS ports at this time.

Model: Netgen Smart ATA with 2 FXS Ports 2FXS/2FXO

Thank You


I’m not familiar with that model of ATA. That being said, you should be able to pick up a Digium or Sangoma analog card with 2 FXO ports relatively inexpensively, and then you’re also helping to support the company that maintains Asterisk and FreePBX.

I did see the info on that and did look into the Sangoma cards, The FreePBX system I am running is on a raspberry pi so not sure how I would interface the card with that system?


Why don’t you go for an ATA adapter ? It’ll be the best solution and cost effective also for your two telephone devices!
And i’m also using RasPBX on my Pi 4. My suggestion, just go for an ATA Adapter. It doesn’t cost much and very easy to set it up. And fully compatible with Raspberry Pi (RasPBX).

Tahmidul Haque.

I know nothing about the Smart ATA 422, but based on the manual

its disconnect detection features appear weak.

The OBi110 has only one FXO port but is very inexpensive:

You could start with one, then buy another if your tests are successful.

Or, start your testing with a SIP trunk and do the FXO later.

For better advice, please post:
What country are you in?
What are your analog lines (copper pairs from central office, cable MTA, fiber ONT, etc.)?
Are these independent lines (his & hers, personal & business, parents & kids, etc.) or are they in a hunt group?
Do you have non-voice equipment connected (alarm system, fax, etc.)?
Do your lines have call forwarding service?
What kind of phones do you have now?
What will your FreePBX use for extensions (existing phones via ATA, IP phones, softphones, mobile SIP apps)?
What internet service do you have?

Thank you for the info Stewart
I am Located in Canada,
I am using Bell-Fiber op for Internet and for one phone line, the second line is a majic jack that I use for calling the US or long distance in North America. The lines are primarilay used for personal use.
I have a setup with 4 Cisco 79xx series phones talking to a Raspberry pi4 running FreePBX, as well as two computer soft phone apps.
I am also a Ham radio operator and managed with help from the users group and information from internet to link up an IAX Trunk to one of my AllStar Nodes.
No Fax, or alarms connected up to the system.

As for the FOX switch I guess I could always start of with a one port and see how it works out.


I have a quite low opinion of magicJack. They are notorious for echo and other quality issues, as well as reliability problems and failures to specific destinations. I suggest replacing them with a decent SIP trunk. Value providers (IMO not the best reliability but far better than magicJack) that you might consider include (prices in US$ unless specified otherwise):

SignalWire rates are $0.08/mo./number, $0.50/mo. for E911 (optional), $0.00325/min. incoming, $0.0072 outgoing. Generous free trial. Numbers are SMS and MMS capable. One downside is the outbound caller ID is limited to numbers you have with them or have verified, so you cannot e.g. forward a call to your mobile and send the number of the original caller.

Anveo offers numbers for $2/mo. with 2 channels of ‘unlimited’ incoming. Outbound is $0.005/min. to most of Canada; $0.01/min. to US. To avoid a $1.50/mo. E911 charge, you must give an address outside North America.

If your IP address is static or de facto static, also look at AnveoDirect at $0.50/number, $0.004/min. incoming and $0.002/min. outgoing to most of Canada. Voxbeam has Canada numbers at $1.50/mo. with 2 channels incoming unmetered but limited to 10,000 min./mo. Outbound to most of Canada is $0.0036/min. “Gold” or $0.005/min. “Platinum”. Both offer a small free trial, outbound only.

Another possibility is, though they have raised the one-time fee for SIP trunking credentials to CA$100.

If your magicJack is used very heavily, you might still consider getting an FXO device to interface with it.

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