Connecting a SIP trunk onto a Nortel / Avaya BCM phone system

Hello everyone

For many years, I was primally involved with Nortetl products such as the BCM range. I still have one hooked up onto a mixture of lines and “fixed” phones including UNINStim IP sets etc.

I have seen a number of posts on how to link up FreePBX onto a BCM system via SIP trunks, but the replies were mainly based via the CLI command line access and I would like to know if anyone had done a guide that can be followed via the GUI access please?.

All I want to do is to link the two systems together so that the FreePBX dials a 4 digit number starting with 39 and the BCM uses a 4 digit number starting with 49.
All my extension numbers are 4 digit long on both systems.

I have tried using IAX, but that didn’t seem to work and I was thinking that perhaps using “legacy SIP” is the better option as using pjsip didn’t work either.



Sip would be required, IAX2 is for connecting Asterisk to Asterisk.

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