Connectedline information when dialing from pjsip

Hello, everyone.
I created an extension, called from-internal-custom, then put the following line:
same => n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(name,i)=test), but the word “test” is not shown either when I dial a number or when I get connected. How can I display the name of the phone number being dialed? I am using PJSIP.

If you dial *43 from a regular pjsip extension, does “Echo Test” appear on the phone’s screen?

If not, confirm that SendRPID is set appropriately for your device.

I have turned the sendrpid parameter on, but “Echo Test” does not appear.

Possibly something needs to be set at the phone. Make? Model?

pjsip set logger on
call echo test, check 200 ok for PAI header.

I use softphone, PhonerLite.

Sorry, I maybe expressed myself in a wrong way. What I need to do is to display the name of a dialed subscriber on the phone before the the subscriber answers. Upon dialing I need to retrieve this information from an external source based on the callerid.

Anyway, “echo test” is not shown in my soft phone.

Does this client support rpid/connectedline?

It is randomly shown either in the early media or answered state, but when the other side starts talk. Should I try another soft phone?

I was able to duplicate your issue. Using PhonerLite 2.08 under Win 10 Pro.
PBX in cloud, softphone behind NAT.

I call *43, 200 OK has PAI with “Echo Test” in name.
PhonerLite immediately sends 2 STUN requests to Asterisk RTP port.
Even though Enable ICE Support for extension is No, Asterisk answers anyhow.
PhonerLite immediately sends re-invite with public IP and mapped port in SDP.
Asterisk sends a 200 OK to that, but it lacks PAI header.
Displayed name disappears.

I don’t know whether this is pjsip bug, Asterisk bug, FreePBX bug, or just falls in the category of sh!t happens.

I couldn’t find any setting in PhonerLite or FreePBX GUI that looks relevant; there may be a config file setting to disable this behavior.

Thank you. I will try it with real hardware sip phones. I have enabled both PAI and P-INSERTED-IDENTITY both for my softphone endpoint and for the endpoint the dialed phone is accessed through.
Also, I turned on rpid_immediate.

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