Connected line updates/ Attended transfer Caller ID update

Is there a way to get Digium phones to update caller id after an attended transfer?
I tried changing SIP sendrpid to yes and pai, and directmedia to update. That doesn’t seem to work.

Blind Transfer works fine.

I was setting it to PAI in the advanced settings thinking it’s a default type of thing similar to the ringtimer. Should have checked the .conf
Changed it in the extensions and it works!
Thank you.


Provided you’ve got Asterisk 1.8 or later, then enabling trustrpid and setting sendrpid to PAI will work. If you’re not seeing caller ID update on the phone, then something is amiss with the setup, as the phones have always supported connected line updates via PAI.


Looks like something is definitely amiss.
Asterisk is 11.8.1.
I looked through the sip debug, and when I do a transfer from A to B. A invites B (to do the ‘attended’ part) B answers, then as soon as I press ‘transfer’ phone A sends a ‘REFER’, is that correct or should there be a new INVITE? there is no mention of “P-Asserted-Identity” since its a REFER.
The phones are not on the local network and are natted.

In the extension page of FreePBX you have the sendrpid to PAI? I just tested here and it works perfect

Does this also work on polycoms? I have sendrpid to PAI on my extension and it doesn’t seem to be working. All of our extensions have trust rpid to yes. However I have the only extension with the PAI. I am using the latest FreePBX Distro and the phones are Polycom IP 450’s


Polycom IP 450 supports this.