Connect with 3rd Party Audio Loggers

I am looking to configure a third-party audio logger used for our Two Way Radio system to record inbound and outbound calls on a few of our DIDs in our SIP trunk. They have the option of active or passive SIP. Has anyone configured a third-party audio logger to record for their FreePBX systems?

We have used OrecX and Call Cabinet in the past, they are both great, but didn’t fit our specific needs.

Thanks! Do you have any information on how these software pieces were configured?

IIRC, there are a couple of ways how to feed the recordings. One was port mirroring, another one was to add a script in advanced settings under Post Call Recording Script which uploads the audio file after each call.

Thank you for this info!

Another approach is to configure the recorder like an SBC and send the calls through it. I set this up for a call recording system a few years ago and it worked well. Our situation was that we had three servers with 24 DAHDI phones each and all of the calls were processed to a single VOIP provider.

I ended up using a switch that is capable of port mirroring. I mirrored my sip trunk port and set it up to monitor. It was good to go! Just in case it comes up in search, the recorder I am using is an Equature Audio Logger with PBXact, FreePBX, and Asterisk.

That will work as long as you’re using UDP signaling without encryption. As soon as you need a webrtc client or TLS, this solution fails.


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