Connect to Door Striker Recommendations?

I’m looking for a network device that can lock/unlock a door through a dial pattern on a SIP phone. The door striker is already in place, I just need a way to “speak” to it from a SIP phone by dialing some pattern.

Anyone set something like this up before?

Grandstream GDS3710
There is a cheaper version without a camera in the works.

Fanvil also has something, but I have never used it.

You might need to elaborate on this…

That was incredibly vague. I want to dial 700 or *994 and have the device open the door switch for me.

OK - That’s old art. There are dozens of examples in the forums on how that context needs to be written.

OK - what kind of striker is it and what is it expecting for an input?

I use the Algo 8028, I have installed a few of them and they work great.

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I used the Geovision GV-CS1320 and it was easy to install and setup.

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If you have a relay output on your device, that’s all you would need.

That being said, I once programmed an NEC system to start the coffee in the morning. :smiley:

The Grandstream mentioned above GDS3710 works well and has a lot of nice features.
I have also used valcom devices with success.

I installed one of these Fanvill’s here . They have the ability to open the door.

This was my experience . I tested completely before installing with direct IP dialing to a linksys phone inside the house only doing IP to IP dialing, with noPBX.

The firmware CLAIMED it did direct IP dialing but it did not. over a couple of weeks of chat I was sent new firmware just released. Still no IP dialing . Then some brain at Fanvil told me I needed to Telnet or something into it and issue a command that basicly told it to dial without a registration. finally it worked.

After a month or so of tech support i went to do the install all the same exact components as tested.

Powering up the Fanvil, it SMOKED with the same POE adapter all testing was done with.

Luckily I tested with non POE power and it still worked. Apparently whetever smoked was probably only related to POE.

I went down to the local electronic supply store and bought a power supply and a buck convertor (poor mans POE) that connected to the normal power port

good news is over a year later still going strong and has excellent call quality to the linksys phone. The client said it is the first such system she can actually distinguish the voice enough to know who is calling. (using G711u) . The previous systems she bought never lasted more than a year (cheap door intercom systems) .

I personally would be cautious ever buying another Fanvill product again because of the smoking experience, but overall I must say the voice quality was very surprising with excellent volume to be heard on a noisy street. in this configuration she can also take the Linksys phone off hook , which autodials the Fanvill which in turn quickly and silently auto-answers the call, giving her the ability to listen to what is happening on the street

if you can speak DTMF tones you could then open the door but the keypad is easier.

I have used the Fanvil range, and can recommend it. The Fanvil i12 is affordable.

Support in the UK is provided by IPGenie, who have been extremely helpful whenever I have needed them.

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