Connect DECT phones to free pbx

Hi there I’m new to this so bare with me :smile:
I’m just about to set up my first pbx system however I don’t want a lot of wired phones around my house
I have a set of 4 DECT cordless phones with 1 base station connected to the PSTN but I know from experience that you can connect other branded DECT phones to this.

Now I am wondering if there is a similar base station that will connect to the pbx and enable me to connect these DECT phones to it with each phone having its own extension

I hope this makes sence, any questions about what I have out just ask and I will try and answer.
Thank you

There are many different DECT based systems that provide the features you are looking for. These systems are mostly vendor propriety so handsets are not interoperable between vendors.

I know of no device that will convert off the shelf DECT handsets that are designed for a single line to be adapted to provide multiple lines on different handsets. Both the handsets(s) and the base stations need to be purpose designed from the start to provide these features. Most of these types of systems are very costly compared to the type of handset a consumer would purchase at the local five and dime.

Check out the vTech VSP600 and VSP601 available in the Schmooze FreePBX Portal store. .