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Confused with Sangoma and freeTDM/Freeswitch

(James Zhu) #1

I noticed that the doc for sangoma card+freeswitch have been updated, but it is quite confused. my customers and I also suffering for this. in the past wiki doc, there are quite clear for installing card driver, freeswitch and libisdn. But starting with freeswitch-1.6, I do not know how to install with cards. I refer this:
in this link:
I have download freeswitch and drivers, but I confused why why still need a
and I found there are many code same as downloaded from freeswitch office website, even, and there is no clue how to run that if I have installed FreeSWITCH.
can you explain the part of Sangoma FreeTDM?

(Tony Lewis) #2

I am sorry these forums are not for freeswitch or freetdm. You would need to work with support on your questions.

(James Zhu) #3

ok, thanks.