Confused of using asterisknow

I just like to clarify myself because our company wants a call forwarding. Like we have 1 line from the TELCO, the management want if an incoming call from the client will be received they want to transfer the call to localphone and the 1 line will be available again…Is this possible using asterisknow?

No, it is not possible.

This is a limitation imposed by the single analogue line, not by the PABX.

If the line had three way calling and you added an in-call “feature code” to flash the line, then with a little effort you could in effect redirect the call back to the co with supervision where you could dial the other number hook-flash the conference and hangup on successful completion thus freeing the line but not to “localphone”

Were you using this feature before on your old pbx? A Centrex type line is needed for this feature

If so, you can do it with your Asterisk system, but it will take some programming as Dicko says, in order to be able to do a hookflash.

Thanks for the reply everyone…Yes I will be using this on our old PBX. I already have the gateway from pstn to internet

Although I disagree that this would only work on Centrex be aware that Centrex flashes have to be different from regular PSTN flashes in length for obvious reasons, but you would need to read the FM of the PBX to know how long the flash would need to be specifically. Over-riding the standard FreePBX attended transfer feature code to include a flash() inline should not be detrimental to either VOIP or DAHDI calls, the flash length however need to be predefined in your dahdi configuration or your gateway if it supports it but needing the gateway to do it might be a bit more of a stumper .

Also be aware that tuning FXO/FXS connections to a PBX is also not trivial nor well documented, whether you need to do that on the gateway or on the dahdi hardware, you really DO need to do that for best experience, battery and MWI signaling levels and protocols are often not the same. Impedences and RX/TX levels, although usually less complex, are far more tedious to “get right” (small insider joke there) against PBXi than against the standard PSTN to balance the 2-4 wire hybrid and minimize any residual echo.


I did get this to work on a Centrex line once. It was a long time ago on a straight Asterisk system.

The customer insisted they could “tap out” on their old. System. I ask it they were into MMA cage fighting but they did not get it. The customer used the feature to transfer a call to a cell phone and free up the line for use since once the call was transferred that could hang up and still get calls on the analog lines.

I recall it did use the flash() command in some custom code. Sorry I don’t have access to that code any longer.