Confused about ring times in a ring group

I am confused about how long an extension will ring that is part of a ring group. The ring group is set at 6000 with memory hunt. There are 3 extensions in the group, 104, 105 and 102 then to v/m
The system ring time default is set to 15, The ring group time is set to 300 and the extension ring time is set to default. Does the ring group time set at 300 mean that each extension will ring for 300 seconds?
It seems that extension 104 (which is the 1st on in the group) will ring for quite awhile whereas ext 105 rings just a few seconds. I have read the help definitions and am confused about the ring time set in the ring group.

When in hunt, the ring time is per extension. What are you trying to achieve?

about 20 seconds per phone. So The ring time in the ring group settings should be 20 seconds?

Yes if you are using hunt.

I am using memoryhunt. Thanks Andrew for the clarification. To me, the help “popup” was a little confusing.

memoryhunt is different. Instead of ringing them one at a time, it will ring the first extension in the list for your ringtimer (e.g. 20 seconds) then ring the first and the second in the list for 20 seconds, then the first, second, and third for 20 seconds, and so on. Hunt will just ring one at a time sequentially.

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