Confirm calls when using callback

Hi everyone, i was wondering whether anyone could help me out creating a script that will allow me to confirm calls after a callback.

As it stands, i have it set to callback certain numbers when it detects the correct incoming CID, the problem is, that i would like the callback destination to be a DISA or an IVR.

The issue I have is that the system detects the start of the outbound ringing from the zap trunk as an answer (as it does normally) and then starts playing the IVR or whatever, when the remote party then answers the IVR is half way through, or in the case of a DISA has timed out.

I think there should be an option to confirm calls on a callback so that once the person has answered and pressed 1 to confirm, this is when they get sent to the callback destination.

In the meantime however could someone help me do this as a custom script.



ps. I tried using a ring group with the confirm calls box ticked as the callback number, but as far as the callback app is concerned, the call is answered when the zap starts dialing still.