Confirm Call Bug, ringroup with confirm call to extension# with follow me "call is no longer available..."

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(Matthew Jensen) #1

The title might not make total sense, but here’s the problem. When a ring group with confirm calls enabled points to an extension (including the # modifier) with follow me enabled, the cell phone in the follow me list is unable to answer the call. They get the message “call is no longer available or has been answered by someone else.” Unfortunately, if the follow me external device is the first one to pick up and press 1, it tricks the system into thinking the call has been answered, so everyone else will get the “call is no longer available” message, and the call will be lost.

I’m pretty sure this has been a problem ever since core version I think I opened a bug report, but it got closed as a duplicate of the problem that was initially trying to be solved in that version. I’ve just been keeping the servers that need that functionality on the old version of core, but that is becoming difficult.

This is very easy to reproduce, I just ask that someone try it and see that this is still a problem.

(Itzik) #2

Do you have call confirmation enabled on the ring group AND on FollowMe?

(Matthew Jensen) #3

Call confirmation is not enabled on follow me, just the ring group. I’m not sure if that would solve the problem, but I use the follow me without call confirmation for most of the calls that pass through. Only specific calls require the confirmation, which is why its in the ring group.

(Matthew Jensen) #4

Has anyone been able to reproduce this? I took a look at what was changed in that update, but it only appears to be related to the sub-send-obroute-email

Here issue was we were using the two macro in single dial, which will not work, now changed the macro with gosub

I’m not sure how this fixed the other problem and caused this problem at the same time, but it’s all a little over my head to try to figure out.

(Itzik) #5

Post a call trace via pastebin link

(Matthew Jensen) #6

Hopefully this helps track down the problem. You can see that it plays the “incoming-call-no-longer-avail” message on line 882.

(Itzik) #7

It does not record any user entries. Can you enable DTMF logging?

(Matthew Jensen) #8

Here it is with DTMF logging. The important stuff seems to start around line 876.