Configuring two pri line on single trixbox server

Hello Everybody .,
i am first time using trixbox,i wanna configure two pri lines on my trixbox server,by using two digium digital cards TE121PFe single span,is it possible ?

my server configuration is as fallows…

Trixbox ce
processors 4
Model Intel® Core™ i3 CPU 540 @ 3.07GHz
CPU Speed 3.06 GHz
Ethernet controller: Digium, Inc. Wildcard TE121 single-span T1/E1/J1 card
how to configure…

please suggest me how to configure and which way it possible…

Hmm, good question. Do the PRI’s share a D-channel?

BTW, why use trixbox? Switch to the FreePBX distro before you get too far!

Agree, trixbox is way behind in updates, the project is abandoned and uses very old versions of FreePBX and Asterisk.

As far as atcom’s question to you, Asterisk supports NFAS so you can use a single D-Channel across multiple spans.

Why not use a 2 port card?

Definatly switch to Freepbxdistro

please can guide me anybody ?

Step 1 … Forget about Trixbox!

Step 2 … Download FreePBX Distro… it’s the new and improved Trixbox

Step 3 … Burn it to a cd and Install it.

Step 4 … Buy a 2 port PRI card from Digium or Sangoma (preferably sangoma for the ease of setup)

thank you for reply,is it possible with freepbx by using two different TE121PFe single span digital digium cards???

This has nothing to do with FreePBX. It’s an Asterisk DAHDI issue.

I do happen to know that Digium’s DAHDI drivers support multiple cards.

I have a system that has 2 Digium, Inc. Wildcard TE121 single-span T1/E1/J1 card (PCI-Express) (rev 11), so it is possible and does work.