Configuring trunks

firefox navigates to SIPSTATION™ Account Access
and enter the key code to auto config trunk i receive this message.

noserver: This module can not reach the server to obtain your account information. If you can navigate to from a browser then there is an issue with your firewall or DNS resolution. If this is a first time install you might be able to reboot to rectify the issue. If you have an aggressive firewall with content filtering or equivalent, you may have to disable that feature for this server or white list the site if possible.
I have checked my firewall using webmin and nothing is blocked I have also disabled it on boot, rebooted and tryed the access key again. I attempted to white list the site under "servers"&"mysql servers" in webmin by selecting grant permissions but i don't think this is the way to do it

Is there something i am over looking?

There is now a wiki that may help you troubleshooting your set-up, our support staff is a bit limited as we cannot configure your firewall for you, but the wiki does have some suggestions you can follow.

As of yesterday (once Schmooze acquired SIPSTATION) you can now submit a support request directly to Schmooze for SIPSATION. (Also as noted in another thread the developers a reviewing the SIPSTATION PBX module this weekend, so keep an eye out in module admin for any updates that might be posted.

thank you