Configuring SIP with Xlite details


I’m trying to configure a SIP trunk to a provider that admits they lack experience when it comes to Asterisk based PBX systems config, and I’m not much help.

I’ve have FreePBX running with a couple of Xlite phones on two extensions, and they work fine locally.

If i configure the SIP account settings of the Xlite phones to access the SIP trunk provider, they send and receive calls fine.

So my question is, how do i take the working settings from the Xlite phones, and build the proper PEER Details and USER Details in a FreePBX SIP Trunk?

Here’s the settings for the working Xlite phones… (obfuscated, of course)

Display Name: 111
Username: 111
Password: passw0rd
Authorization User Name: 111
Domain: (different from domain2 below)

“When you run the Xten X-Lite softphone for the first time, you will see a pop-up window called SIP Accounts. Click on Add… to add your SIP account. Under Domain Proxy, please check Register with domain and receive incoming calls. Under Send outbound via:, please select proxy and put domain2:5062 as Address.”

I’ve looked at a number of example SIP trunks, is there more info required from the provider? Thanks in advance.

The instructions could change drastically from one to the next. I use Callcentric and trunks. Both companies will support you at the Asterisk and FreePBX level.

I don’t think you are accessing a sip trunk directly. Based on your set up with the phone I think you are logging onto a system like Asterisk.