Configuring SIP Trunk

Hello FreePBX Community, i’m beginning with freePBX for my internship and my purpose is to configure a VoIP server to call external numbers by using extensions.

I already have a trunk that is working (external and internal calls are good).

My goal is to have a list of extension associated with phone numbers and when i dial for exemple 450, it calls a phone number, if i dial 451, it calls another phone number, etc

I can’t figure out how to “link” an extension with a phone number. Maybe it’s not possible but if it is, do you have an idea of what i should do?

Best regards !

You can create extension 450 and set follow me to the number it needs to dial.

Which works well for the outbound leg, but does not create a reciprocal leg for the inbound. You cell phone, for example, will not be able to dial anything that makes it look like extension 450 unless you install SIP software on your phone and connect that to your PBX.

Sangoma Connect, linphone, and several other SIP apps will, on the other hand, will give you the capability to have external “extensions” that also are associated with real phone numbers. Your original request was really too vague for us to help you more than “Yeah, I think you can”.

I understand that you’d like us to do your assignment for you, but if you want that kind of help, you need to tell us what you really are trying to do.

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You can create an Outbound Route with
match pattern: (leave blank)
prefix: 450
prepend: 025134213
pointing to your trunk.

When someone at a local extension dials 450, the number will be rewritten to 025134213 and sent out on the trunk.

Or, in Admin, Feature Codes, change Speeddial prefix from *0 to 45 and in Admin->Asterisk Phonebook, add an entry:
Name: McDonald’s
Number: 025134213
Speed Dial Code: 0

then dialing 450 will call 025134213 and with many IP phones and softphones, display “McDonald’s” on the screen.

Thank you all for your responses ! I wasn’t sure if it was clear enough so i will describe my issue a little bit more.

So the situation is :
There is a sales room that need a new telephony system. And the purpose is to call the buyers with an extension because they don’t have time to type the whole phone number.
So I have a list of extensions (like 600 extensions) and they are all assigned to a phone number. And it’s only for outbound call, no need for the buyers to call, they just wait for the call.
And the idea is to link an extension with a phone number and make the call through my trunk

I hope that it will help to understand my situation ^^’

i will try some of your solutions and i’m sure that i will figure it out.

Thanks again for your help !

it is called speedial

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Will these calls be ‘unsolicited’ ?

What do you mean by ‘unsolocited’ ?

Are the ‘buyers’ existing customers, or are you ‘cold calling’ people from a list you bought.

The buyers are real customers that need to be called from the sales room. But it’s only a one-way call, they just wait the call and don’t need to call from their personnal phone.

And i tried the solution of Stewart1 which was to use a prefix in outbound route and use the phone number as the prepend and it works perfectly.

I have to make some test with other phone number (around the world) to be sure that it’s working for everyone.

Thank you all a lot !

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