Configuring outgoing caller id on attended transfers

how do I set my outgoing caller id to be our main number when doing an attended transfer?

for example a call comes in and I need to transfer it to bob who is on a cell phone that is not in our system. so currently i hit *2 then 1-555-555-1212. so bob’s cell phone shows an incoming call from extn 200 which is the extn im on…bob has no idea its me. plus his phone says i might be spam.

i need for bob’s phone to show my main number on his caller id so he’ll answer, i can tell him who’s on the other line and he can let me know whether or not to send the call through to him

*2 is an attended transfer meaning your call to Bob is a normal call. It sending your extension callerid over the PSTN means the extension doesnt have an outbound callerid set and the route/trunk isnt setting one.

Can you call Bob normally and get a proper callerid from 200?

yeah if i call bob directly from my extn it shows my main number correctly.

if i do the *2 then dial his number it shows my etxn 200 on his caller id and actually goes straight to his voicemail being his phone is labeling my call as junk

There seem to be two schools of thought on what should be presented for attended transfers, and, in practice, it appears that feature code transfers work one way and SIP native transfers the other. One solution here may be to use native SIP transfers (REFER/Replaces).

Do you ever need to present anything other than the primary number on the trunk? I’m an Asterisk, rather than a FreePBX person, but I suspect there are ways of forcing the caller ID for all calls on the trunk.

I suspect it is the network that is actually adding the junk label, as a result of STIR/SHAKEN.

not sure if there is a master setting somewhere that I can say no matter what type of outgoing call we make whether it be attended transfer, blind transfer, just picking up phone and making a call, etc…,

i always want my main number to always be the outgoing caller id.

Where do you set the callerid for outbound? You force it in the route?

i have my main number set as my caller id on both my extn and the outgoing route

Then we need to see a verbose output of the call that is transferred so we can see how it is being handled.

did a another test and lots of lines in log file. forgot this phone im using is extn 201 not 200. anyway, can see where its assigning 201 to the outgoing callerid several different times but im not learned enough on this yet to totally understand what I’m looking for/at.

how do I post a sanitized version of log for this? do I manually have to black out my numbers on it?

You get the text file and redact by doing global edits on it, making sure you retain distinctions between different numbers and between local, shared, and public IP addresses.

does freepbx even offer the chance of making the outgoing caller id of an attended transfer my main number or any number of my choosing for that matter?

my current call flow for our existing system, i have it set to where no matter what type of outgoing call, such as an attended transfer, the outgoing caller id always has my main number.

if freepbx does not allow for this in any capacity then I cant use it anyway.

thx much for the help, appreciate it

Show the debug requested.

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