Configuring FREEPBX 13 WITH Asterisk 11 for SIP SMS

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I am trying to figure out what I need to do to get SIP SMS working on my pbx. I am using the Bria softphone for both tablets and phones. As well I have presence and messaging option installed.

any help would be awsome.


I found this article quite helpful:


Another great link (that is mentioned in the great link you broght):

Asterisk 10 (1.10) SMS (messaging or SIP Messaging) in action

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I’ve followed the instructions of @caboose014 link and each time i send a simple message from one extension to another, the phone (of the recipient extention) rings instead of receiving the simple message.
Once I answer the call it terminates immediately and no simple message is received.
Im using Asterisk 16.13 with Freepbx 15.
Any idea why?