Configuring for remote extentions


i set up my remote extentions to connect to my dyndns address.
on my freepbx server in the gui asterisk sip settings for remote extentions
im not sure what to add for the External IP field.
using my raw ip works, i would like to add my dyndns there however entering my dyndns in that field stops all calls from working. what am i missing please

thanks in advance

If you want to use a hostname the field name is externhost instead of externip

i saw that in a post, but i was recommended to setup remote extentions using the gui in freepbx (asterisk sip settings), this way i wouldnt have to edit the /etc/asterisk/sip_nat.conf file. my sip_nat.conf is blank. i am using asterisknow 1.7 and the latest updates of freepbx.

where is the location where i can change externip to externhost?
also can this be done with via the gui?

thanks mikael

In Asterisk SIP Settings select Dynamic IP in IP Configuration, fill in your fully qualified hostname

mikael, thanks for your fast response. Is there anything else i need to do? unfortunetly it isnt working.
i checked my logs and there was nothing listed during the time i tried dialing another extention for a test call. 120 is the refresh rate, i waited 5 minutes still no go.

again: if static is selected, with my raw ip everything works.

all the phones have my dnsdns address listed as their domain and can all ping my dyndns address (im using softphones).

any ideas?

waiting eagerly for your responses!

no replies because i have been impatient, no one knows, or i have not provided enough information.

your help is much appreciated

thanks in advance

still no responses :frowning:

No response? Well, I have been busy. I am here on my spare timeā€¦

I have read your first post again and I think that you want you remote extensions connect to your PBX via your dyndns address?

Look at these articles:


I really appreciate your help, and the time you give me. an answer from anyone would have been great but as it seems, you are one of the starts here! I understand that you have a life and that you were busy, however I thought there were no replies because i did not provide enough information.

I saw this this link and read this link many times, (on how to set up a remote extention), however i was told once on #freepbx using irc, that if im using freepbx, it might not be a good idea to edit any of the config files manually because freepbx does this for me. I am sure i can get this to work by editing the sip_nat.conf file even though my file is blank. So before i edit any files, i would like to first attempt to get it working via the gui of freepbx rather than manually editing the files by hand.
I just realized you told me to put my fqdn and NOT my dyndns address in the dynamic ip settings. so if you could just tell me if this is right. I changed the settings from static ip to dynamic ip and entered my dyndns address, however it doesnt seem to work. is my dyndns address my fqdn? is that what i am supose to fill in the field for dynamic ip within the gui?

thanks mikael