Configuring extensions for Meetme with FreePBX

New to Asterisk and FreePBX, using AsteriskNOW. Have extensions configured on 2 servers and trunk for calling between the 2 servers. This work great. Now wanting to configure MeetMe conferencing on server. Modified the meetme.conf file, but somewhat confused on how to modify the extensions.conf as when I use VI editor the top of the file says “Only use GUI for extensions”. So, how is that configured via the GUI?

How do I modify the extensions.conf to get the - exten=> 1234,1,MeetMe(1234)into thsi file.

Hope this makes sense?!?

How can we possibly help without knowing what versions of software you are running?

When you use FreePBX you can’t edit some of the traditional config files. There is a list of which files you can and can’t edit.

You can configure the meet me from the GUI. At the right side of this page there is a link for documentation. It has the following link

You are right! AsteriskNOW 1.7.1 64-bit - FreePBX 2.7.00 and Asterisk I followed the link, been there before trying to figure this out, still no screenshot or substanial information on what to execute on the GUI page for modification of the extensions.conf for the MeetMe. I must be missing something here…

You do not directly edit extensions.conf or meetme.conf. FreePBX assimilates these files so anything you manually add will be overwritten. If you need to manually edit various config files there are other files that you can add to that will be included into the config files FreePBX takes control of.

In the GUI there will be a menu selection for setting up a conference. Click on that link and fill out the fields.

Again thanks for the time…

I have my network configuration in a lab, no internet access for these AsteriskNOW servers, so some help and such is not there. I looked closely at the FreePBX GUI and there is no selection for setting up a conference. Do you have a screen shot?


This GUI feature is not in it is in!!!

Tight lines…