Configuring DSS keys for speed dial

Hello. I did not find an opportunity or is missing - when configuring the DSS buttons for the speed dial function, it is impossible to specify automatic line selection. Only account 1 - account 4 (for example). There is such a possibility in the telephone. If you configure the IP phone for several accounts, then there will be no flexibility of configuration when configuring via EPM. I will not be able to quickly configure DSS keys with speed dial for both accounts, since these keys will be linked to one of the accounts. That is, I will change the default account on the phone for outgoing calls, and the DSS keys with the speed dial function will be configured to call on another line.
EPM last ver. IP phone Yealink (SIP-T33G)

On all devices where there are several accounts (several lines), such a problem. Make it possible to automatically select a line in the DSS settings (line key - speed dial).

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