Configuring DID inbound routes

I have FreePBX from a distro (not sure which one - boss installed).

We have successfully configured two SIP phones and one trunk (Broadvox) and can place and receive incoming and outgoing calls.

Since I did not have AutoAttendent configured, I programmed the one trunk to automatically do to a specific extension. Then, I asked Broadvox for additional DID numbers for testing. When I added an additional inbound route with the 2nd DID number, inbound calling stopped working (Guess that wasn’t the correct approach, right?)

Anyway, what is the correct way to configure inbound DID routes in FreePBX?

Jacobs Technology.

I don’t know what’s different about today, but…

I cleared all my inbound routes.
Then I re-added a route for each DID and pointed it to the specific extension.

AND, it worked!

Now, if someone could tell me how to configure auto-attendant, that would be great!


Jacob - Seems to me your just plodding away and have not read any of the documentation. One of the getting started guides for any of the FreePBX distro’s is great.

The “Dumb Me” guides are great.

WRT auto attendand, it’s called IVR.

I have looked at every piece of documentation I can find and most of them speak only in general terms. For example, the documentation on inbound routes simply says that this is the place you configure inbound routes, etc.

I have spent hours researching this specific issue and most of the results have been little or no help. The ones that I have found that speak to FreePBX do hot use the GUI or reference an older (or, possibly newer) version than I have.

In reality, we should not have to configure a route for every DID. The system should be able to look at the DID and parse out a specific number of digits and use that to route the call - at least that’s the way it works in traditional PBXs.

The reason I asked about Auto Attendant is there is no mention of it within the FreePBX gui at all (that I could find). I did not know that Auto Attendant was called IVR because all the IVRs I have dealt with in the past did not handle call routing at all. They were simply response units for things like checking account balances, etc.

Please do not take this as being snippy. I just don’t want anyone to think I have not done the research before asking my questions.

Thanks greatly for the tip about the dumb me guides. Will take a look.


I am sure I always come off as snippy as I answer a ton of questions all day.

If you go to the inbound route module and hover your mouse button over the DID field you can see the options, including pattern match.

If your extensions match your DID’s FreePBX will automatically route the calls.

You can’t strip digits in bulk and send the call to from-internal without writing a few lines of dial plan code.

All standard Asterisk syntax is supported and you place the code in the /etc/extensions_custom.conf file.

Actually from what I recall you can simply go to the setup page for an extension (or while you are creating it) and add a DID.

This will automatically create an inbound route for you.

I think it helps to think of almost everything to be a destination… IVR’s, VM, time conditions etc…

Just create whatever it is you need (Such as an IVR) and then you’ll see it as a destination choice in the drop-down-box

That’s one thing I have really searched for and cannot find… Where is the documentation for Asterisk syntax? That would help me a lot. I am a programmer by trade, so the Asterisk syntax would make it a lot clearer for me.


There are many books on the subject and a wealth of information.

Problem normally is that development moves faster than the documentation…