Configuring Cisco SPA500S sidecar with FreePBX

I’m using FreePBX / Asterisk 13.32.0 and have a Cisco SPA525G2 phone with one Cisco SPA500S Attention Console sidecar attached. Does anyone know how to configure this beast with FreePBX?

I see there is a Cisco doc titled Configuring the Cisco SPA500S Attendant Console in an Asterisk® Environment but it was last revised ten years ago in March 2010 but I expect it is somewhat outdated.

Also, there is a posting from eld in this forum from Feb. 2014 asking essentially the same question and SkyKingOH Sangoma answers:

eld Trying to configure an SPA500DS unit connected to an SPA509G handset with FreePBX (I think 2.11). I found a Cisco Application Note document named “Configuring the Cisco SPA500S Attendant Console in an Asterisk Environment” but I have not been able to configure the unit properly especially considering that it makes references to modifying sip.conf and extensions.conf directly and these files say not to modify with FreePBX. I have gotten as far as programming Unit Key 1 in the attendant console tab with “fnc=sd+cp+blf;[email protected]$PROXY” and this does give me BLF functionality but I can’t seem to get speed dial or call pickup. I also haven’t figured out how to get the display to show a label. I’ve searched extensively for some documentation or help with no luck. Can anybody point me to documentation or another forum that would help me get this working? Thanks.

SkyKingOH Sangoma First, the Endpoint manager supports the sidecar.

If you have a philosophical objection to doing things the right way and insist on using the phones GUI you don’t need to do anything to FreePBX. The Cisco docs are for raw Asterisk. FreePBX creates hints for every extension for BLF.

If you look at the code you send, you will see fnc=sd+cp+blf

cp=call pickup
blf=busy light

You already have a working speed dial concatenated with the cp and blf functions (you have to program the ** cp code, also make sure you have Asterisk selected as switchtype in the expansion module config screen)

For just sd try “fnc=sd,sub=8002822882” this will create a speed dial to call Rush Limbaugh.

[Poor Rush, always such mockery. But I guess with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, he got the last laugh. Hah! ]

In the Attendant Console menu of the SPA5225G2 GUI, I have
Unit 1 enabled
Server Type=Asterisk
Attendant Console Pickup Code=**
Attendant Console Call Park Code=*68
Attendant Console Call unPark Code=*88
BLF List URI=<null>l
Use Line Keys For BLF List=yes

All the entries under Att. Console Key LED Pattern are <null>

Unit 1 Key 1=fnc=sd,sub=6045551212 (no quotes, dummy phone number)

However, I’m not getting any indication on the sidecar. Anybody have insight?

Well that was easy. You have to plug the cables in the right place. Duh… As people in the computer support world know, this is an ID 10 T error, and I plead guilty as charged.

So the SPA500S sidecar is now working with the Cisco SPA525G2 IP phone. All 32 lights are shining. It’s very easy to set up. For example, following the examples above:

Unit 1, Key 1: fnc=blf+cp;[email protected]$PROXY;[email protected]$PROXY
Unit 1, Key 2: fnc=sd;ext=1001

Note that the speed dial command above contains a semi-colon and not a comma, as the example from SkyKing_OH Sangoma in 2014 showed.

I will also mention there’s a worthwhile Cisco PDF available on the SPA phones Cisco SPA300 Series, SPA500 Series, & WIP320 IP Phone Administration Guide.

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