Configuring a Panasonic KX-UDS124 DECT setup


I am new here and also new to FreePBX. I successfully got FreePBX working with a Snom320 extension (calls and everything works fine). Now I am trying to get a Panasonic KX-UDS124 Multi-Cell DECT system with a KX-UDT121 handset connected to my FreePBX. Note that the basic Air setup is working fine, i.e. the handset is registered to the UDS124.

My local freepbx is reachable inside my network through the host name freepbx.local

These are the basic voip settings of the UDS124 (base station):

Handset settings:

My extension (202) is CHAN_SIP and listening on Port 5160 (UDP). All configs are applied.

I tried various settings, but am always getting either DNS error or a 403 response.

Has anyone gotten a Panasonic UDS124 setup working with FreePBX and would be willing to share their config?

Never mind, I had the most stupid mistake - had port 5060 in setup instead of 5160 - duh :grin:
Can confirm voice connection. Will try to move on now with config (voicemail, etc.).

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