Configuring a Granstream GXW4248

I have bought the EPM package, and I am still lost on what I need to do. When I look at the GXW, it tells me that extension is unregistered. I build out the template on the EPM module and everything looks good. On the GXW, under provisioning, I have set it for the asterisk server as

I have manually added an extension for each line that I have in place (35 rooms), and when I look at the Extension Mapping, all of the extensions that I created under Application/Extensions is also reflected under the Extension Mapping. I have tried to do a build config, but is nothing being sent to the GXW.

I have a boss that is planning on killing me some time soon or else finding me unemployed… I see there is stuff about the 4104 GWX FXO gateway, but I have yet to find anything on how to get this FXS gateway working. I have been messing around with this for several days and not getting anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Configurations are pulled not pushed.

When GXW42xx boots up, it will send TFTP or HTTP/HTTPS requests to download configuration files, “cfg000b82xxxxxx” and “cfg00082xxxxxx.xml”, where “000b82xxxxxx” is the LAN MAC address of the GXW42xx. If the download of “cfgxxxxxxxxxxxx.xml” is not successful, the provision program will issue request a generic configuration file “cfg.xml”. Configuration file name should be in lower case letters.

Verify your mac addresses are correct
look in /tftp/ to make sure files are there.

If the above items are good then it is probably a configuration issue with the device.