Configurer Asterisk Card AEX410P

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I have installed an Asterisk Card AEX410P on a Windows Server 2012 but I am unable to detect it between the adatper.

Can you help me find my way through this ?


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Windows drivers don’t exist for that product. Also, for anyone reading, that card was marked end of sale back in February of 2014. I don’t believe current Linux driver sets support it either.

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Thank you for the update.

This is my case.
I have an Elastix Server running on a VMWare Workstation (Installed on the windows server)

Now I would like that Card to be available for my Virtual Machine running Elastix. how can I proceed ?

Thank you again


That card should be detected by DAHDI. I think that you need to enable pci passthrough when running on a VM, but since all my servers are physical, I have never used asterisk on a VM so I don’t have any personal experience about it.

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