Configure Twilio Fax number With Freepbx

hi all,

I need to configure twilio fax numbers with the Freepbx for inbound faxing.

What I need to do for inbound faxing?

Twilio Programmable Fax works using an API for sending and receiving faxes. Currently there is no interface between the Twilio Fax API and FreePBX. You can of course try to build something, but I have not seen anything built yet.

Or use the Twilio Elastic SIP trunking for Twilio numbers designated as Voice (not Fax) and accept faxes in FreePBX over a SIP Trunk.

ok I can understand.

you mean to say that I should designate that number as voice and put that on Elastic SIP trunk and from the freepbx creating inbound routes and accept faxes there.

Is this all. or is there any other step.

Once you have the SIP Trunk created and communicating with FreePBX you can assign the fax destination or how to handle the fax calls in the inbound route configuration.

so should I purchase fax enabled numbers or only numbers with voice or sip will work.

Only Twilio phone numbers that are voice enabled will work with FreePBX. Most Twilio phone numbers now offer the option of being either fax or voice.
The thing is if a number is enabled for fax, it does not take any regular voice calls, and all calls are directed to their API driven fax server.

Currently Twilio calls will be in the uLaw codec, T.38 is currently not supported from my understanding.

I’m trying to learn more about the Twilio Fax API and how I can maybe do a fax-to-email without involving FreePBX, but so far it looks like quite a bit of programming work.