Configure Trunk SIP for termination calls

I need assistance and advice for installation new Trunk SIP in France for termination calls, please contact me directly email [email protected]
ready for payment.

Thank you

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Hey @hichem,

Greetings from Steve, As best of my knowledge to configure a new SIP trunk for termination calls in France, you’ll need to choose a reliable SIP trunk provider that offers services in your region. After selecting a provider, they will provide you with SIP trunk credentials, which you will then input into your PBX or VoIP system.

SIP provider in France: Téléphonie SIP pro, trunk SIP | SFR Business AWS


Thank you Steve

You should also look at the other ISPs: Orange, Bouygues and Free.
There are several independent French VoIP providers, for example .
And, you might consider one of the A-Z providers such as voxbeam or anveodirect .

Thank you Stewart