Configure telephone lines on freepbx

How can i configure telephone lines on freepbx?

You mean analog lines as in PSTN / POTS?

i have phone lines for example 2253401 and the password df4rtsd and so on 2253402 2253403.

i use them directly in zoiper as username and password and of course the provider

Are those real trunks, or are they extensions on a cloud PBX?

You should contact your provider and clarify that, because the easiest way to do it would be through trunks.

That’s the problem i dont have a sip trunk they are only extensions. What should i do?

What are you really trying to accomplish? Please provide more information of your current infrastructure and about what you are trying to do.

Ok. I have a call center. i have installed zoiper on every pc of my operators. every zoiper have an extension like i said before, so every operator have is own extension and password configured on his zoiper. Now i have installed freepbx on a server and FOP2. i want to configure FOP2 so i am able to listen in real time to my operators while they are calling on zoiper. I dont know if i explained the situation, and thank you for trying to help me by the way. I appreciate that.

The explanation so far is OK, but you are still not explaining anything about the PBX itself. Are the extensions from a PBX that belongs to you or is the PBX provided by your provider and they are in charge of it?

i installed freepbx on my server and i want to configure these extensions on my freepbx

You mean Asterisk and FreePBX, right?

Yes. And on this server i installed FOP2 too and it gets connected directly to freepbx so in this way i have the possibility to control my operators calls.

Ok. So the extensions that are currently working on your zoiper clients are from this asterisk that you just installed, or are they from another server?

they are from my voip provider. i just talked to my provider and they said me i can use one of the extensions i have as sip trunk

Ok, if what your provider is saying is true, you must create a trunk on your pbx, create the extensions, create inbound and outbound routes and then configure those extensions in your zoiper software, replacing the current extensions from your provider with the extensions on your new pbx server. All those tasks can be easily achieved after reading the online manual on freepbx website.

I tried that but no success.

You will have to be more specific than that if you expect to get any helpful advice.

Maybe something is wrong in my configuration.
i used this for the trunk set up. than i create the uotbound route and the extension as new chan sip extension. maybe i am wrong in something

Your provider is the only one who can tell you how to configure your trunk, as it must match exactly what the provider is expecting.

Thank you for your help very polite of you. :slight_smile: