Configure speedial (EndPoint Manager)

Hello. I want to add a button speed-dial to phones cisco phone in Endpoint Manager(module). How to do it right? I found this how to do it, but for each user to create a separate template - a very long time

I do not know the answer to your question, but you might want to include the model phone you’re using. I have 7960s in place with the SIP firmware and it’s not possible to set speed dials on the phones through the PBX and must be done locally on the phone. Because of this, I wrote a script that connects to a given phone over the network & locally configures the speed dials locally on the phone; if a phone is reset to factory defaults, I have to re-run the script for that phone to get the speed dial buttons back as the configuration is stored in the phone itself rather than on the server.

I’ve been playing with the SCCP Manager module (third party open source add-on) lately and you can set the speed dials for the phone in it, but it obviously adds Cisco’s skinny protocol to the PBX. This is not something I’ve begun using outside of testing, but can see that I may well migrate our phones back to SCCP due to the limitations in the SIP firmware on these old phones. (We saved a TON of money by re-using our old phones so management loves them, our users are used to them so they like them, they’re solid phones - only problem areas are the hangup switch & back support - but are far from being simple to flash/configure in the PBX.)

Using the Endpoint Manager to set speed dials for the Sangoma phones we have to my knowledge requires what you said - a separate template for each user. Doesn’t seem right, but I’ve been unable to puzzle out any other way to accomplish this.

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