Configure "Ring hunt" in a queue as linear?

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I’m a bit confused. For first, i used regular ring groups which are processed by an IVR and it’s digits.
Its working fine - but its actually not a real queue for sure. The calls are hanging up when the number of seconds is reached but the caller needs to be in a queue for a long ttime (when a lot of customers are calling e.g). We are using static agents.

So - but here’s the “problem”. The queues are (and i absolutely dont know why) using differend ring strategys as the ring groups. I need the memoryhunt-strategy to use it in the queue.

There’s an linaer-strategy, but within this strategy the call ends in a extension and goes right to the next one. I dont know what the “rrmemory” does because setting this one up it’s actually the same like linaer, i dont figure out the difference for now.

Is there any way to configure the memory-hunt feature within a queue?

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Round Robin Memory loops through agents like Linear, but unlike Linear it does not start with the same agent each time. Instead, rrmemory keeps moving the start point.

So in rrmemory, if you have these agents: A B C D

The first call into the queue will try them in that order.

If agent A answers, then on the next call into the queue, this will be the order: B C D A

But in linear, it will always be, on every call, this order: A B C D

(So if your queue is not ever full/busy then D might never get a call.)

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