Configure outgoing routes


I would like to know if it is possible to configure in the outgoing routes a group of extensions in the same line, for example:

But that all these extensions are in the same line.

I know that you can put 12XX, but as there are other departments with extensions 122X or 121X it would not work.

Thanks in advance.

Pretty sure the only way to tag multiple extensions is through the X wildcard. This is why on most systems we deploy if there is a need to have different Dial Patterns setup for different groups of phones we set the first digit to something that doesn’t overlap.

I believe you could use

Oh crap, you are right!

Estefania, if you click on the “Pattern Help” button at the top of this page it will give you the options for patterns that you have available to use. So while not able to reduce to a single line it can be brought down to two.