Configure freepbx with router

Hello i have a project i want connect my router linux with the freepbx what’s the step please for that ?

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You plug it into the router.

thanks for your answer i must just connect with rj45 ? they are not command i must write it or configuration in my freepbx ?

You need to configure your OS appropriately for your network environment. If the router is providing a NAT service, you must configure FreePBX/Asterisk as to what address is on the other side of the address translation, and which address ranges are local, so not translated.

This is both so basic, that you should be hiring someone to do it, if you cannot do it for yourself, and also potentially difficult, because there are lots of potentially relevant details of your network, that, at the moment, only you know.

thanks when i configure my os because my router it’s linux

in the freepbx i must put the ip of my router if yes when ? please

Please explain this. I feel it is trying to say something important, but, at first sight, it looks like irrelevant detail.

The OS on which FreePBX is running needs to be able to find out the IP address of the routers on your network. That can be achieved in many ways, e.g. DHCP, RIP, ICMP Redirect, or hard coding. For the typical, small user configuration, the primary router is found using DHCP, with the router as the DHCP server, and the other router, if any, by ICMP redirect. However, none of this is specific to FreePBX and is basic system administration knowledge for anyone using a router for more than a trivial home network (which will be set up for a single router, found using DHCP.)

Typically, simple home network, and small business, routers are NAT routers, and translate addresses. In that case FreePBX needs to be configured with the public address and also with a list of networks whose addresses aren’t translated, if you expect to access anything off site. It is best if the router is configured to forward the port ranges used by FreePBX to the machine running FreePBX, although it might be able to work them out from outgoing traffic, as would be the case for simply client applications, like web browsing and POP3 email, with SMTP submission.

Configured for PJSIP only, out of the box, FreePBX will use one or more of 5060/UDP, 5060/TCP, 5061/TCP (for TLS) (although there are good reasons for changing these, particularly the first two), and will also use 10,000-20,000/UDP.

Does anyone know of a good, modern, TCP/IP networking primer, as I think the OP needs one.

with my virtual machines linux i have create a virtual router and i must connect the freepbx with my virtual router

in freepbx where i can put ip of my router please

i want step please for put the ip of my router linux in the freepbx

Assuming you have some type of network connection to your freepbx.
Log into the GUI, go to “Admin” > “System Admin” > “Network Settings”

If you’re talking about the external IP of your route, then go to “Settings” > “Asterisk SIP Settings”

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thanks for all

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